The Greatest Cheats in NASCAR History

Smokey Yunick

Smokey Yunick was as unpre­dict­able as his cars. Always look­ing to imple­ment into his equip­ment what the rule book didn’t say, he kept inspect­ors on their toes, not to men­tion his drivers. ISC Archives/Getty Images

Cheat­ing in motor­s­port is far from a new prob­lem, but the ways in which people cheat evolves as fast as new tech­no­lo­gies develop.

From exten­ded & elong­ated fuel lines to the unusual use of bas­ket­balls, the NASCAR series in the USA has some wild stor­ies of its own to tell.

Pop­u­lar Mech­an­ics has a break­down of what it thinks are the top con­tenders for the low­est rung. Sur­pris­ingly, not all of them met with the oppro­brium you might expect them to be, but their ingenu­ity is still remembered, dec­ades on.

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