The Porkers’ Rind

Sticks and stones will break my bones
But words will never harm me.

I’m sure that the major­ity of you will have come across that children’s rhyme at some stage in your life­time. I am the bearer of bad news, for you have been misled. Appar­ently words can harm, African-Americans, and for our non-PC, Africa-resident read­ers, Blacks.




WHAT?!”, I hear you stammer.

Not only can we exhibit the super­power of fat cell manip­u­la­tion, but much like Darth Vader, we White folk have the abil­ity to cur­tail the breath­ing of those of a darker hue. Amazed? So am I.

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The Black Crock-Pot At The End Of The Rainbow…Nation

I’m a “White” male, I was born in, and live in, South Africa. As a res­ult, at this period in time, I am dis­crim­in­ated against, by law, in terms of occu­pa­tional opportunities.

This, the cit­izens of this coun­try are told, is a means to effect a broad change in the eco­nomy, between the “Black” and “White” popu­laces; a res­ult­ant effect of the Apartheid regime.

Paul Szep

This move­ment is effected through a myriad of reg­u­la­tions and laws, com­monly referred to with a vari­ety of terms; such as AA (Affirm­at­ive Action), EE (Employ­ment Equity), BEE (Black Eco­nomic Empower­ment) or B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Eco­nomic Empower­ment). These terms have become technically-diluted over the years and have hence­forth become used on an inter­change­able basis.

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Dodging The Dialects

Here is an example of how regional dia­lects can dra­mat­ic­ally alter the inter­pret­a­tion of an utter­ance, often to one’s unknow­ing det­ri­ment, as poached from a Face­book motor­ing Group…

“ever since I joined your group I felt homely in a pet­rol­head way..”

Broken telephone.


adject­ive: homely; com­par­at­ive adject­ive: home­lier; super­lat­ive adject­ive: home­li­est


(of a place or sur­round­ings) simple but cosy and com­fort­able, as in one’s own home.
“a mod­ern hotel with a homely atmosphere”


“a mod­ern hotel with a homely atmosphere”



N. Amer.
(of a per­son) unat­tract­ive in appearance.


Two things are infinite…

Frederick S. Perls

Fre­d­er­ick S. Perls

…a great astro­nomer said: “Two things are infin­ite, as far as we know – the uni­verse and human stupidity.”

To-day we know that this state­ment is not quite cor­rect. Ein­stein has proved that the uni­verse is limited.”

– Gestalt ther­ap­ist Fre­d­er­ick S. Perlsbook titled “Ego, Hun­ger, and Aggres­sion: a Revi­sion of Freud’s The­ory and Method.” (“Hun­ger Instinct”)

A Different State of Mind

I sit here in a quandary…

I am a man of sober habits, driven with desire to be fit, healthy and pure of Mind.

I take umbrage to the effects of over-imbibing and state-altering drugs, the cul­ture that per­vades in uni­son and the often last­ing, usu­ally harm­ful effects that they can and do induce.

That said though, were it not for the abuse of alco­hol and drugs, we would not have been bestowed with the epic musical gift that is In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly.

Maybe, just maybe, kids, drugs are cool?

The scope of how drugs have shaped the world we know today is far bey­ond the range of this humble blog, but it’s safe to say that both their exist­ence and their absence have con­trib­uted to the make-up of the world that we find ourselves in today.

Music, gov­ernance, legends, global affairs and the nat­ural world have all been effected by drugs.

Had Churchill been treated for his Bipolar, would he have made the decisions that endeared him to the world?

Would a sober one-hit-wonder band have achieved cult status had they rehearsed sober?

As with most things, a layered, mild approach renders dif­fer­ent views to the oft black-and-white, hasty attack most people engage with.

Per­spect­ive. It can be a real bitch of a span­ner in the logic works.

I don’t advoc­ate the use of drugs; that’s your call. I sup­port the notion of an open mind and a lat­eral approach to life.

Be dif­fer­ent. Be open.

Economics should be instilled with a safety rating

Do you like hor­ror stories?

Do you like to be scared shit­less in the middle of the night, left sweat­ing and fear­ing for your future?

If so, read on…

South African ½c coinsThis, folks, is a bag of South African ½c coins. I have no idea how many are in here, but it eas­ily num­bers in the hun­dreds. At face value today, you would need many, many dozens of these bags in order to pur­chase just ONE litre of 95 Unleaded pet­rol, at the coast, cur­rently priced at R13,59; or 2,718 of these here brassy bits.

The smal­lest coin we have in cir­cu­la­tion today is a 10c coin. When last did most of you stoop to pick up a 10c coin, wait for 10c as change or go to the effort of stor­ing one?

Scared shit­less yet? You should be.

Eco­nom­ics should be instilled with a safety rating.